After we came out from a shore dive in Lake Murray, my two diving buddies and I stripped out of our gear, laid everything out to dry on our truck tailgates, and began the male ritual of checking out each other’s rigs.

One of the guys had an extra long primary hose that he coiled into his pocket. He did some cave diving and evidently some of those divers prefer an extra long primary so they can wiggle out of their gear and push it through a cramped passage and to hand off to a buddy in need. I think I prefer the standard setup myself.

Our other buddy was running all braided hoses on his first stage. When I bought my rig, I got braided hoses on my regs and standard black rubber on my low pressure and gauge set. My secondary reg was bright yellow on a bright yellow hose and I really liked it. When I was setting up in the little dive boat in Costa Maya, both of the boys were apparently impressed by the braided hoses since they kept fondling them and chatting about them. Luck of the draw for me, but I’ve since gotten a case of Hose Envy, natural when checking out someone else’s gear.

So, I emailed my LDS and got a price near $100 to swap out my low pressure and gauge hose. Since I’m always in the training channel, I have to mind my sheckles, so I got on the web and found a braided hose supplier.

I figured out what I had, what I needed, and ordered my set. A few days later, the bubble pack arrived with my stuff. I got out my Craftsman wrench, spun the hoses off, replaced them, and I love the look and feel.

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